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Health and beauty benefits of Lotus seeds

Lotus seeds, commonly known as makhana in India, are the seeds of the water lotus plant. The seeds are small, round and white or off-white in appearance. They are the edible seeds of lotus flower which can be roasted or fried. Lotus seeds are used for nutritional and healing properties in Chinese medicine. The lotus seeds are highly useful in terms of nutritional benefits and are low in saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol; high in magnesium potassium, thiamine and phosphorus. Besides being edible, the lotus plant has many health and beauty benefits as well. You can use makhana seeds in desserts, rice porridge, soups and stir fry dishes.

Lotus seeds are also a good source of protein, iron and zinc, which makes them extremely nutritious. They contain the anti-aging enzyme, which assist repair damaged proteins. Due to this anti-aging propery, many cosmetic companies are trying to include the seeds in their products. Along with it, the seeds have a natural flavonoid which prevents inflammation. Lotus seeds have an astringent property which benefits the kidneys and helps to restore vital energy within the body. The sweet and neutral taste of makhana seeds nourish the spleen and alleviate diarrhea. Makhana seeds are endowed with sedative properties and are used to treat insomnia or restlessness. The lotus embryo is useful for heart because of its bitter and cooling properties. Also it can help dilate blood vessels, thus reducing blood pressure.

According to western research, the seeds are antiviral which help fight the herpes 1 virus. Also it has been founded useful in lowering hypertension. One of the vital medicinal benefits of lotus seeds is stopping chronic diarrhea. Due to astringent properties, the seeds are consumed to help relieve the symptoms of diarrhea and improve appetite. Other major benefits of lotus seeds include palpitations, insomnia and irritability. They are also used to control bleeding.

Since makhana seeds are high in fiber, it helps to avoid constipation. Also they help the body to remove the waste; prevent the accumulation of toxins.  Lotus seeds are low in calories, fat and high in fiber and thus helpful in diabetes. It lowers the blood sugar level. The seeds are recommended for women during pregnancy and post natal weakness; helps in female infertility. The makhana seeds are also used in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic pains. Further, the seeds are beneficial in weight loss too as they are high in fiber and low in calories .Lotus seeds are also very useful in anemia. The lotus seeds can be digested by all age groups. They are a healthy snack for children .Just roast the seeds a bit and add a pinch of salt.
Men beauty tips

Men are now more particular about their looks than ever before. With the ongoing trend of modeling and film stars, men usually follow the styles and beauty tips. Apart from dressing smartly, you should take utmost care of your skin and hair. Regularly go for a haircut and treat dandruff. You should wash your face twice a day with a mild soap and apply moisture. Men’s skin is often tanned therefore, it is important to apply a good sunscreen before sun exposure. To have a healthy looking skin, scrub your face to ward off dead skin and backheads.Most importantly, you should have a good physique. So exercise daily and eat healthy food. Look smart and attractive!

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